21 June 2017

Free Weekend

I can't give you the view, but I can offer you the story.

A dream or reality? Can you tell the difference?

Five women spread across time and space live nightly terrors that leave them uncertain of the truth. Are they living a nightmare or is something darker and far more ominous happening?

X13N2 experience daily terror at the hands of aliens, while Lucy suffers from night terrors. Macey's small studio apartment is under assault by unknown forces, and Lisa meets a man too good to be true. Hattie has lost the battle against darkness but clings to hope.

Different lives and times, yet one strand bind them all together. Can they find the truth and will reality be kind? Or will it plunge them into further terror?

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14 June 2017

Prolific Reader

If you love reading as much as I do you are always on the look out for freebies to supplement your purchases. To that end I bring the Prolific Reader:

The link above is for the main site, and this link is for my genre:

At current count, there are over 300 books and more being added. From Action/Adventure all the way to Young Adult. With so many books you can't miss finding at least one to enjoy.

I love finding new authors and books, and this is a brilliant way to get into a new series. Have fun!