15 September 2016

Freebies Galore!

Starting today everyone that signs up for Eliza's newsletter will get the short story "The System" for free. This giveaway will last until the 30th of September when it goes live officially. Please click the link and grab a copy. 

The System

From then on it will be available from Amazon on Kindle Unlimited. So join me in celebrating the release and grab your copy now! Along with a virtual coffee. The real thing would be too pretty to drink. 

06 September 2016

Universal Links

Recently boos2read introduced universal links, something that is simply amazing. I hope it as amazing to you too dear reader.

Book 1 currently has the most channels available:

This includes Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Apple, Scribd, 24Symbols and Inkterra. It goes well with coffee.