26 August 2016

How to Make a Great Weekend

For me, it is a slew of books to read. And chocolate, lots and lots of it. But the chocolate goes to the hips. So, usually I end up with books only, but this is no sacrifice! 

Grab the first two books in the series Immortality Interrupted for your weekend reading. The first book is free forever, so why not get it? And the second is on special. 


Oh, I do settle for virtual cake and coffee...have a slice with me.


16 August 2016

How to Come Back

Oh hello, there stranger!

It has been a while, hasn't it? Sorry about that, we had some issues to sort out.

But, now we are back and in full swing again. My author has had a spell of writer's block. Although she totally blamed me for it. Too many changes at the end of the previous book. But rest assured we are communicating again and things are back to normal.

Well, as normal as things get around here! 

So, how did we come back? Gosh, with the help of lots of coffee of course. Decaf for me naturally. But if you caught the end of the Book 2 you understand why. ;) I look forward to chatting and sharing more with you in the coming weeks. She has asked me to tell you that there is a short story coming! 

Called 'The System' and it is coming out 15 September 2016. She will be setting up a giveaway for loyal subscribers, and it will be available via Kindle Unlimited. Here's a cover reveal:

See you soon, thank you for being so patient!