17 June 2016

What would you do?

You know what I did, and soon you'll know what I do to maintain it. I came through a shit-storm and survived. And yes, mostly it was because of the idea of a man. A man I thought I knew and who turned out to be something else completely.

That is very simple thinking naturally and not the complete picture. The truth was that my feelings were hurt, and I threw caution to the wind. Going into that garden was the worst idea I had ever had.

I have the luxury of looking back and claiming the decision I made was for the best. And I still believe the bastard deserved to be put in his place. To be dead? Not so much.

But that single act propelled me into a new life, and a new destiny. 

What would you do? Have you truly considered that? I didn't, and even now the memories haunt me, and will continue to haunt me long into my immortality.

Of course, I have all of time to make peace with those memories.