07 June 2016

How to Accept Change

I think I've stated before how I don't do well with change?

Now more so than ever. For eighty plus years I have had the same routine. Day in and day out. Sure, the tasks changed ever so slightly but not by much.


And now everything is different. I have a grandson (who doesn't know it yet) living with me. And a man-alien that is threatening to consume my life.

What's a girl to do? Avoidance. 

With Asher being able to read my mind I attempt not to think. Not think about how bloody hot he is, or how much I want to drag him into my bed and have my wicked way with him. 

Or the sneakiest one of all, how he might be the one. The one to change everything, and how it doesn't actually bother me at all.

How's that going you ask? Well...