03 May 2016

What is Time?

Over the years, I have seen many movies regarding time and its mechanisms.

How time is fluid but it's static, or how a pebble tossed into the river of time makes no difference. No matter what we do, we can't change the past or affect the future. But, don't step on a butterfly because you'll alter things irreparably.

I cry bullshit; these are things said to make sense of our smallness concerning the mass of time. Sure, time is a tide pulling you in continually. In the grand scheme of things.

But having stood outside of time and enjoying the luxury of observing it undisturbed I can tell you a secret.

Time is moments, strung together around one thing. You. Me. In this, you are allowed to be selfish. This moment is about you, your perspective and your experience.

My past moments and future ones have been pulled tightly around me and I hold onto them all and only this moment exists for me. Because every moment that has been and will be, have coalesced into this one moment in time.

Now. All there is is this one moment in time. All there will ever be for me drawn around me.