24 May 2016

Happiness and Peace

Do I deserve peace? I suspect not, but I yearn for it. My soul cries out for it. And in the early morning darkness that surrounds me, I fear that I will live forever and never find it.

As I watch ordinary people go about their business, I wonder about my choice. I ran away from Richard and his cheating ways. But more and more it seems like a handy excuse I took.

Of course, there was that other matter, but after all this time I wonder if Richard wouldn't have helped me. Surely, as his wife, he would have made a plan.

Isn't that what super secret government agencies are good for?

And so here I sit, watching people go about their business. The mundanity of everyday life for an average man or woman. Lost in thought over their smartphones and coffees. 

Are they happier than I am? Probably not, but I bet they get more sleep than I do.