05 April 2016

Where Good Books are Sold

I always wondered about that, does it mean naughty books go elsewhere? And if that is the case, don't I want to go there instead?

I debated about adding this, but since I recently was told to be more forceful in sharing, here goes. Book 1 can be found at the following online stores:

Amazon US:  Shi (Immortality Interrupted Book 1)

Amazon UK: Shi (Immortality Interrupted Book 1)

IBooks: Shi (Hey, you guessed it! Book 1)  FREE!

Nook: Shi (Immortality Interrupted Book 1) Free for Now

Kobo: Shi (Hello again, Beautiful Book 1) Grab it Free!

Scribd: Shi (Immortality Interrupted Book 1) Currently Free!

Inktera: Shi (ooh look at you Beautiful!) Free

24symbols: Shi (Hey, hey good looking!) You Know you want it free.  ;)

And a massive thank you to everyone who have already purchased this, you guys rock! Love ya.

P.S. A quick edit to add a few more places! :)