07 April 2016

To Be

I always thought to be part of the world was important. That we had a duty to interact with others. To be part of community was a must. I had a community before my change.

Not a great one as it turned out, people didn't come looking for me. Quietly I was forgotten, there were no outcry or police searches. Oh, of course, Richard filed a missing person's report. But we know how far that goes.

And honestly, what did I expect? The Internet was my home; everything logged digitally. Our lives lived online and in that era even more so. So even though I went to parties, I had very few friends.

The height of digital, or so we thought. Now, the era of wetware has arrived and more people became aware of the pleasures to be had. It was still more prevalent to use devices to interface but Viv assures me that will soon end.