25 April 2016

Play It Again Sam

So, here I stand. At the end of a stint that has marked me for eternity, for better or for worse.

I'm certainly not the same person I was when I entered into the deal with the Manufacturers. The Man.

Except that, this has been my life for so long that change is difficult. I can imagine it, and it is glorious. Do you know that I have never left the country?

In this day and age, I am an anomaly. Even though everyone is jacked in and live so much of their lives online, they all still figure out that there is no substitute for physically going to places.

Things are more tightly controlled now; you can't just hop on a plane and fly somewhere. Investigations and more forms than a pregnancy require, long before you even book your seat.

Still, people accept it and embrace the requirements. Part of life, you know?

So, what am I looking forward to when I am properly free? Bikinis and martinis of course.