25 April 2016

Play It Again Sam

So, here I stand. At the end of a stint that has marked me for eternity, for better or for worse.

I'm certainly not the same person I was when I entered into the deal with the Manufacturers. The Man.

Except that, this has been my life for so long that change is difficult. I can imagine it, and it is glorious. Do you know that I have never left the country?

In this day and age, I am an anomaly. Even though everyone is jacked in and live so much of their lives online, they all still figure out that there is no substitute for physically going to places.

Things are more tightly controlled now; you can't just hop on a plane and fly somewhere. Investigations and more forms than a pregnancy require, long before you even book your seat.

Still, people accept it and embrace the requirements. Part of life, you know?

So, what am I looking forward to when I am properly free? Bikinis and martinis of course.

18 April 2016

Coming Soon

I am excited to share the preorder pages for Book 2 of Immortality Interrupted.

Will be sold where all goods books are sold on the 23rd of June 2016.

Amazon: Nanite Storm
IBooks/Itunes: Nanite Storm
Kobo: Nanite Storm
Nook: Nanite Storm

Hacking into the Man's system comes at a price. Viv wants them to steal something for her. Nanites she stole were taken from her club the Hacker's Den. 

When the thieves they are staking out turns on them and shoots Denny, it becomes a race against time to find a cure. Now Eliza and Asher must find the thieves, dodge a Past Task and face down an Agent of the Man.

12 April 2016

Can you stand it?

Ben is gone.

I know it, he had to be. Even with his dose skim he can't have lasted for long. I outed him by accident and he was still kind enough to give me an extra dose. Just in case.

It bothers me that I don't know and I don't know how to contact him without outing myself. I am supposed to be dead, this the Manufacturers believe.

At least, I hope they do.

Viv is hacking into the task app and she believes through that she can create a worm that will get into their system. And then we can figure out what the hell is going on.

I don't want to know so much to stop them, but it 'd be good to know who I've been working for, for so long. My deal was seemingly simple but now I'm not so sure.

07 April 2016

To Be

I always thought to be part of the world was important. That we had a duty to interact with others. To be part of community was a must. I had a community before my change.

Not a great one as it turned out, people didn't come looking for me. Quietly I was forgotten, there were no outcry or police searches. Oh, of course, Richard filed a missing person's report. But we know how far that goes.

And honestly, what did I expect? The Internet was my home; everything logged digitally. Our lives lived online and in that era even more so. So even though I went to parties, I had very few friends.

The height of digital, or so we thought. Now, the era of wetware has arrived and more people became aware of the pleasures to be had. It was still more prevalent to use devices to interface but Viv assures me that will soon end.

05 April 2016

Where Good Books are Sold

I always wondered about that, does it mean naughty books go elsewhere? And if that is the case, don't I want to go there instead?

I debated about adding this, but since I recently was told to be more forceful in sharing, here goes. Book 1 can be found at the following online stores:

Amazon US:  Shi (Immortality Interrupted Book 1)

Amazon UK: Shi (Immortality Interrupted Book 1)

IBooks: Shi (Hey, you guessed it! Book 1)  FREE!

Nook: Shi (Immortality Interrupted Book 1) Free for Now

Kobo: Shi (Hello again, Beautiful Book 1) Grab it Free!

Scribd: Shi (Immortality Interrupted Book 1) Currently Free!

Inktera: Shi (ooh look at you Beautiful!) Free

24symbols: Shi (Hey, hey good looking!) You Know you want it free.  ;)

And a massive thank you to everyone who have already purchased this, you guys rock! Love ya.

P.S. A quick edit to add a few more places! :)