18 March 2016

Tricky Details

Yeah, you guessed it, it is a port.

I've spent many years a naive idiot doing the bidding of the Man. They have a very neatly controlled setup designed to not allow questions.

The careful spread of rumours and fearmongering assured that we stayed the course. Do as we're told and we receive our daily dose. A dose administered just as the pain gets really interesting.

And I get it; it makes sense to do things this way. If you are running an operation for a drug like Shi. But the thing that gets me is that if I have a port in the back of my neck was there ever another purpose for it?

And once again, what the hell was in the cocktail they injected into us? Even more now than ever before it worries me, was something in it to deal with the nanites?

Viv wants me to jack into her system and all will be revealed. But the idea of her being able to see into my head is also not all that appealing.