11 March 2016

My true Love

What hasn't been clear to many is the method of dispersal. An injection at a particular point in the back of the neck. Check. How?

That my dear ones aren't so easily explained, even after all, this time, I only understand the barest hint of it. But I can share what I have gleaned.

That first night we were told to strip down, and don hospital robes. Most of us still thought we had modesty to protect, not understanding that even that would be stripped away.

We were lead out into a massive room lined with operating tables. One by one we ended up on a table, flat on our stomachs. I couldn't see the others but soon a stranger was at my table.

I didn't know what to expect, Bill was deliberately vague, but my head got pushed back down, and a needle jabbed into my neck.

The world exploded into a bloom of pain.