22 March 2016

Looking Back

I've been told that I'm getting ahead of myself, and I should focus.

So, one of the questions put forth was why I didn't know about the Black Marketeers. A valid question, and easily explained. :)

After our re-birth into this new life, secrecy was drilled into us. That it was, in fact, the only thing that would keep us safe. Alive, if you will. Which, in hindsight, was weird rubbish.

So, like the good little immortal I was, I kept to myself. I didn't have regular suppliers for anything. I ordered online and used false details, and credit cards that banks were so happy to hand out.

I got most of my arsenal and armour through private sources, where there were no questions asked. And never from the same people.

Same went for furnishing my warehouse, pay people on time or in cash and no one wants to know more.

And, truth be told, I was so wrapped up in my misery that I didn't go looking for people and experiences.

I was kind of a sad creature before.