19 February 2016

Life or Something Like It

Today sucked. It really, truly, absolutely sucked.

I went to a party and watched my dumbass husband flirt with his mistress. He didn't even notice me, not once did he look up to see where I was in the party. He didn't care, so neither did I.

Plenty of young fish in the sea and a fair amount of them were at this party. So easy it was to strike up a conversation and do a bit of flirting of my own.  Accepted a few drinks and a few grossly exaggerated boasts of daring and cunning.

Eventually, though one stood out amongst the rest, he was broad shouldered and just simply stunning. He knew it too but was willing to play the game with me.

Soon enough, we found ourselves outside in the garden. We picked the furthest corner, away from the general party noises. No interruptions he had purred into my ear.

This bit was where things got bad, fair warning!

I went outside with the full intention of having sex with him; I can be honest about that now. But when we got to our secluded spot he got rough. Things got out of hand.

As I found myself knocked down after my adamant refusal, I grabbed the closest thing I could find. I got up and stormed him with my rock. He hadn't expected me to be so fast or strong and before he knew it - before I knew it - he was at my feet.