26 February 2016

Indentured Service

Of course, the bastard lied. But at this point, my experience was that all men lied to get their way. Woman manipulated, in case you thought I was overly sexist.

The catch is this, as he explained it to me:

"For a short time, Elza, a very short time you will perform tasks for the Manufacturers. Things that are within you scope of abilities."

I nodded, it sounded good so far, I could handle that sort of thing. Man, I was naive.

"You might even enjoy some of the tasks they present you with, and before no time at all, you will be able to find yourself able to move up in the organisation.  There is plenty of positions for people willing to do what it takes."

Ugh, I need to go shower...

24 February 2016

And So it Goes

I thought for sure it was a trap, which the mysterious man I met the previous night was out to get me caught. A really long-winded way of doing it but still.

He offered me an "exciting opportunity", he made it seem like the best possible thing that could happen to me, and not just because of my current circumstances demanded a change.

"Immortality, Eliza," Bill said.

I sighed, I knew what he was on about, but it still made no sense. Immortality was a thing of dreams and legends. Not something tangible.  And sure as hell not within my reach.

"What's the catch, Bill?"

Of course, he waxed lyrical on how one hand washes another and how we have to work together for a brighter tomorrow.

Whose tomorrow? Not mine, certainly.

22 February 2016

Life or Something Like It, Part Deux

And there we were, him dead and me in trouble. So much trouble that I didn't even know how bad it was going to be.

My husband would be pissed; that's for sure. He isn't known for his patience; I sometimes think he just puts up with me. It didn't use to be that way of course, but those days might be gone for good now. :(

At least, I have you...you'll never leave me, right?

But you know what happened next, but the day that followed was long. It stretched out in front of me with nothing to do, nothing and no one needed me.

The story of my life.

19 February 2016

Life or Something Like It

Today sucked. It really, truly, absolutely sucked.

I went to a party and watched my dumbass husband flirt with his mistress. He didn't even notice me, not once did he look up to see where I was in the party. He didn't care, so neither did I.

Plenty of young fish in the sea and a fair amount of them were at this party. So easy it was to strike up a conversation and do a bit of flirting of my own.  Accepted a few drinks and a few grossly exaggerated boasts of daring and cunning.

Eventually, though one stood out amongst the rest, he was broad shouldered and just simply stunning. He knew it too but was willing to play the game with me.

Soon enough, we found ourselves outside in the garden. We picked the furthest corner, away from the general party noises. No interruptions he had purred into my ear.

This bit was where things got bad, fair warning!

I went outside with the full intention of having sex with him; I can be honest about that now. But when we got to our secluded spot he got rough. Things got out of hand.

As I found myself knocked down after my adamant refusal, I grabbed the closest thing I could find. I got up and stormed him with my rock. He hadn't expected me to be so fast or strong and before he knew it - before I knew it - he was at my feet.